Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Treacherous journey

Acts 27 describes Paul, who is now a prisoner, onboard a ship. This chapter describes the journey. After just setting sail for their destination they encounter a storm, described like a hurricane force storm. That must of been terrifying! It's likely that there were almost 300 people onboard, all probably scared for their lives. The account says they were so scared and invested in saving the ship as well as their lives, that they didn't eat for 14 days. Even then they only ate because Paul initiated it.

So scared that you don't eat for two weeks, wow! Plus they have literally tried to tie the boat together so it doesn't fall apart, they've chucked things overboard, gone off course and they haven't known whether it's daylight or night because no sun, moon or stars have been visible for days. No wonder they forgot to eat! I would imagine panic is reigning aboard that ship right now. 
Panic and prayer to whatever gods people believe in, saying goodbyes to each other because their situation seems helpless. 
They've totally abandoned and forgotten the intended destination because it's enough trouble trying to stay upright let alone alive.

Have you ever felt like you've encountered a time like this in your life? Maybe you're even in it right now. 

A situation where you have an intended outcome and are going after it, but a raging storm comes, that causes you to; battle, abandon things, and may even may endanger your life? You forget to eat, sleep, look after yourself because of the peril of the circumstances. You're stuck in a raging storm, panic rising, not knowing where this is taking you. It certainly doesn't seem to be the destination you're looking for.

Then along comes the voice of Paul. He has heard God in the midst of it. He has kept his faith. He has called on God and God has answered. God has said no lives will be lost, and Paul will reach that destination. Now, the destination was reached in a round-about way, but Paul got there. 

This is a promise for you if you're in a storm. If you know God has given you a destination, a goal, an achievement to go after, yet the waves are billowing, the clouds are obscuring the view, then keep focused. Keep the faith you have, wait for the voice to speak in the storm and take care of yourself. 

The destination is coming.

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