Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Do you realise, that if you follow God, you have your own personal bodyguard? 
Listen to this:

'he is a shield to those who walk in integrity, 
guarding the paths of justice 
and watching over the way of his saints.'
Proverbs 2:7-8

Now, that's some serious protection! God is our shield - he'll shelter us, defend us when we 'walk in integrity'. So, our responsibility is to keep strong in adversity, to stand up for what we believe and be honest. Then, God is our shield. He will shelter us from what the enemy throws at us. It doesn't mean we escape from it. We will still be in the battle (otherwise why would you need a shield?), we will feel the hits but it won't be half as painful or destructive because God is shielding us. 

He is, 'guarding the paths of justice'. God watches over those that are being fair and just, he checks out the way they are going. He is on guard, prepared and equipped for danger. So that you can keep on track, keep on the path of justice.

'watching over the way of his saints.' How wonderful that we are considered saints! As imperfect and how wonky our thinking goes sometimes, yet we are considered saints. That's what Jesus does for us. Cleanses us so that we can be pure in the sight of God.
God watches over us, like a loving parent, concerned and delighted in His child. He wants to see where you are and what you are doing because He is interested and invested in your life. 

What a privilege to know we are not left on our own especially when our integrity is challenged, when being just is awkward, God is right there watching over us, protecting us when we stand up for what we know is right. We may not always know it, a shield and a guard may not be very noticeable to us, unless we are in peril then we will know the protection they give! Be assured, that if you are walking in integrity and justice, that God is watching over you, He is ready for if and when trouble comes. 
He is watching over you, His delightful child. 

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