Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Family Faith Adventure

Over the summer I felt like I wanted to be on a family faith adventure. I don't know if it was a word from God, but it was something that I felt and that kept cropping up. 

I love God and I love our family. What I really want is for my kids to know God. Not just know of God, or understand theories about God, but to KNOW Him for themselves. When they pray I want them to expect answers. 
When they have troubles I want God to be their first port of call. 
When they celebrate - to acknowledge God's hand in it. 
I want them to step out of themselves and experience God. So that they have no doubt to his reality, to his care, to his power, influence and infinite love. 

This is what I want for my kids. I know if they have a relationship with God, then their lives will be alright. It doesn't mean that life will be easy for them, but they will grow, they will be ok.

So, over the summer I was thinking about this and I thought, what greater way for our kids to experience God than to go on an adventure with him. All of us together. Learning, strengthening and struggling along way. What better way for them to see God at work than to go on a family faith adventure? 

I had no idea if this was possible, or how it would come about, but it was something that I thought about and prayed about. 
It is also something that challenges me. Going on a faith adventure means stepping out of your comfort zone. It means you can't do it by yourself, you've got to trust God because you can't do anything else! 
It's scary and it means I've got to do some scary things. I've got to put myself out there. I've got to overcome some fear, I've got to step into things I've not done before, or maybe even things I've failed at. When you exit the comfort zone, you can no longer trust in yourself but in God. 

So, now it seems that this family faith adventure is launching - planting a church in Sittingbourne in 2018. This seems like an exciting prospect, but it's also pretty scary. (How do you even start a church?) This is going to challenge me and my family. It's going to mean upheaval and strain and overcoming barriers. It's going to mean recognising I can't do it all but trusting God can. It's going to mean being an example to my kids in a scary way, to do what scares me. To take chances and opportunities that I wouldn't normally. It means I'm going to have to have security in God my father rather than myself. 

Am I ready for this kind of challenge? 

Are YOU ready to be challenged and exit the comfort zone? 

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