Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Simple but effective

Over the festive period I have watched a few films; Martian, Happy Feet and The Last Jedi amongst them. 
What I have noticed is that they all have a clear theme. Strange when they are completely different types of film, but they all clearly show that our actions have an effect on others. 

What we choose to do or not do has an effect on those around us; our friends, family, neighbours and even those we don't really know. 

I'll give you an example; when we moved into our current house, I decided that I would say hello to people as I walked by. Simple, uninspiring really right? 
Now, four years later, we know a few neighbours, there are the 'regulars' I see and have a quick chat to, and I now have friends amongst those I stopped to speak to. How did it all start - It was as simple as saying Hello. You don't know what difference a simple action like that can make to your life or anyone else's. It was a small thing for me to do, maybe a bit weird, but it has effected lives. Maybe not in a deep, profound way, but it is true, our actions effect others. 

I know it's a simple example, but even simple small decisions can have an impact.
I realise this is the time of year when many people are making resolutions, and some can seem inspiring (yet overwhelming). So, if you're planning a change this year, why not make it a simple one. Even the small simple changes can have an impact on yourself, those around you and even your neighbourhood. 

Happy New Year People X

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