Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Rebuilding community

Looking around us we see that the world is struggling. There are; wars, famine, disasters, family breakdowns, among a multitude of other situations that can cause us to worry, fear, or to even fight back at the injustice around us. We can get inundated with terrible tales of what is happening in our world, even our own country.

I have been greatly encouraged recently hearing the details of current events in the U.K. The situations themselves have been horrific, and the stories unfolding of individuals tragedies are awful.

However, have you noticed the response?

The wonderful, beautiful spirit of comaraderie, companionship, community? I have been amazed at people's response, from individuals to churches, businesses and leisure centres, the rich and the poor. All have come together to ease the tremendous burden people have been put under, not by choice, but by tragedy.

I want to say WELL DONE and to all of those who have helped, prayed and supported those involved in these circumstances. Sadly I don't think this will be the last of the tragedy to hit the U.K, but thank you to all those who have responded. You have mad a difference.

Britain is often thought of as an individualistic society, we have lost something of the community spirit that once existed on our fine shores. We all seem to be out to better ourselves, improve ourselves, and create a better future for those following us.
Yet, recently, many have set aside time and money to respond. To show care, love and support for those who are suffering. They have rebirthed something of the community spirit back into the U.K.

Let's not lose it.

Let's talk to those on our street, continue to offer a hand to those who are in need.

It is clear that this individualistic society is not what everyone wants. When people have been in need whether it be in Manchester or London, so many hundreds of people have offered assistance. Help that they wouldn't normally think to provide. why is that? We all have reasons for not getting involved doing in our local communities - don't have time, or the money, kids don't want to, it doesn't fit with my lifestyle. There are many constraints, yet we have now glimpsed something better.

I have been challenged by this marvellously uplifting response to our fellow citizens in need.
It may seem too big to think how we can create a community spirit where we live, but can you do this with just one person? Involve one person in your life, someone who may be; lonely, busy, sad, struggling. Could you reach out to one person? Yes, it will cost. It may cost you your time or money, or cause your family to wonder what on Earth you are doing. Imagine though, if we all invested in one person how many people would be impacted.
If, in the Grenfell towers disaster, if just one person had offered one person a place to sleep, how much impact that would have in their life. The joy, relief, probably unspeakable. We can provide that joy and relief to those around us. Whether it be noticing that someone at the checkout doesn't have enough cash, a Mum is struggling with bags and baby, or maybe your neighbours lawn really needs doing. We can all make a difference in someone's life.

In this fragile time in our country, I am proud to be British, we know how to respond in times of trial and extend the hand of friendship. Let's continue to do so.

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