Tuesday, 13 June 2017

What kind of learner are you?

How many of us can say this;
"I did not listen to the voice of my teachers 
or incline my ear to my instructors"
Proverbs 5:13

Oh yes, I am sure most of us can relate to not doing as we are told! 

I know now, having children that I am often heard saying, "why don't you listen?!". However aren't we all the same, can't we all relate to having not fully taken in what people say? 

Let's think for a minute about the people who are speaking into our lives. 
Being an instructor, being a teacher is hard work. Yet, how often is the work rewarded by someone that truly listens? Someone who really hears what is said, is willing to learn and does what is instructed first time (not thirty first!). 
How much easier is it to train someone who listens and applies what is said -it's easy, it's a breeze and it's a joy. Those that are ready to listen and have a go are the best students, it doesn't matter how many times they need to hear something, it's a pleasure when you know they're trying.

In life we have opportunities to learn all the time, so what kind of student are you? Are you a joy to teach or a laborious task?

Learning also is hard work. 
More often than not we would rather be doing something else; playing games, gazing out the window, sometimes even the housework looks more fun than applying ourselves to something we know we ought to do. Learning takes effort. We cannot assimilate information by just being present in a learning environment. If I just sit in a history classroom I am not automatically going to leave that place knowing the facts of the plaque or the world wars. The information is not going to seep into my brain by just being present. I would need to focus, engage and make an effort to take in and apply the information. 

When you are learning, when you are taught, you may be present, but are you actually applying yourself? Are you just sitting through the lecture, mandatory training, or lesson just waiting for the bell to go for the break? Or are you focussed, applied and wanting to get something out of this session rather than considering it a chore?

What kind of student are you? 
Is it a laborious task for your teachers to instruct you? Or a joy?

Life is full of opportunities to learn. Are you making most of them? 

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